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Make Cache Road Ice Dock your one-stop shop for live bait in Lawton, OK. We would like to be able to claim that all the live bait we sell has been specially trained to catch fish. That would not be an honest thing to do, but we can guarantee that our live bait will be fresh and lively, which is what you really have a right to expect.

Stop on in when you are on the way to your favorite fishing spot to pick up a supply of worms or crickets. We also provide live bait rigs. If you are not certain of exactly what you need, we will be more than happy to show you. Using live bait is half the battle in catching a prize fish; knowing the tackle to use and how to present the bait is the other half. Let us help make you a champion live bait fisherman. With our help, you might even become a legend among those who fish for bass, pike, or walleye.

Fishing can be good here in the Lawton area. There is a nice number of different species and plenty of places to fish for them. We are glad to be a part of the fishing scene, and we believe we do more than our fair share to make excellent fishermen out of good ones or novices.

Stop on by for any or all of your live bait needs and for your other fishing tackle and fishing supply needs, as well.

You will find a top-notch selection of reasonably priced fishing gear with a measure of free advice thrown in.

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