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Cache Road Ice Dock has everything you need in the way of fishing equipment in Lawton, OK. By everything, we mean rods, bait, jigs, anchors, hooks, nets, and buckets, and that is only the beginning. With several species of sporting fish to pursue and several hundred rivers, lakes, streams, and reservoirs to pursue them in, you may find it necessary to stock your tackle box with a considerable variety of lures and tackle, not to mention keeping a bucket of live bait handy.

We can help simplify matters for you. There isn’t any single type of tackle or lure that is guaranteed to catch anything, although live bait on the end of a line can come close. Come on in and let us advise you as to the type of fishing equipment that would serve you best, depending on the species you are after, and where you intend to fish. No matter what your needs, you will find the very best fishing equipment at Cache Road Ice Dock.

You will find the very best in fishing advice when you visit us, as well. We don’t just sell rods, reels, and bait. We do what we can to make each and every one of our customers a happy and successful fisherman. Many if not most of our customers are either repeat or referred customers, and we would like to add you to that list.

If you do not have a fishing license, you can get one here. We sell both state and city licenses, and we can tell you what you need or do not need, depending on where you plan to do your fishing. Pay us a visit today, or whenever you happen to be in Lawton if you are from out of town.

We will have what you need, and that includes a supply of delicious pecans and honey.

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